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NetSol IT Support Basic

A core requirement for any business is good quality IT support solutions. Driven by our hassle-free support
philosophy we offer scalable well managed IT support for any size organisation.

Maybe you have an in-house team and want to expand on skills without adding huge overheads? Maybe IT
is taking up 10 hours of your time each week and this could be better spent on growing your business?

Good IT support is about taking the stress out of a business. Our proactive approach will find issues before they become a break fix problem, giving you time to plan and manage a situation.  IT Support Basic is an all inclusive remote service with one monthly fee. This allows you to forget about IT support costs and concentrate on your business growth.

Fixing the blame culture
We understand that you will have many suppliers for different services such as broadband, hosting, domain names, hardware, anti-virus, VOIP and many more. A vitally important feature of our service is to ensure all these 3rd party sections are managed. The blame culture in IT is a common occurence, by negating this we are able to communicate with your other suppliers and ensure the problems are resolved as quickly as possible. We act as a knowledgeable intermediary ensuring you come first.

Rescue me
The advent of remote connections to a client's PC is nothing new, yet it's still being used as a second choice option by many IT support companies. We operate differently. Our Rescue system is used as a primary support choice; with one simple click you are connected to a qualified engineer. Within a few seconds he can see your screen and resolve the issue leaving you free to make calls or grab a quick coffee. No lengthy phone calls or irritating call backs.

Depending on how your business operates we have a solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.