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Our Advanced Recovery and Contiinuity Applicance (ARCA) product developed by our partners Zenith, has Instant Virtualization capability, in miniutes, which can be configured to function as a standby server. This eliminates costly downtime due to server hardware failures. The ARCA virtualises servers directly from the backup image so there is no need to convert backup images to virtual hard disks. The virtualized server retains all of the systems settings and application state so it is completely transparent to end users. The backups continue to occur after a server is virtualised so when it is time to restore back to physical hardware you have the most recent changes to your end users' data.

CONFIGURATIONS - Click image to enlarge

Also, for file and database recovery, the ARCA brings simplicity, speed and reliabilty to an often painful task. By taking 15 minute snapshots each server, the ARCA eliminates the time-wasting tasks of tape recovery with the added protection against corrupted open files or databases that block level replication provides. Your restore point objective in now 15 minutes.

As Email has become the lifeblood of the business world, the ARCA allows you to perform mailbox & messages restorations faster than eve. With short revovery times and frequent recovery points, setbacks are fewer and employees are able to stay connected and productive, whether you facing the failure of an Exchange server or just a mistakenly deleted email.