Netsol Ghana Limited provides time management solutions to commercial operations in all sectors. Commercial time attendance systems serve their purposes in many offices as well as other commercial establishments in Ghana. Our systems can calculate the precisely working hours of an organisation's employees, while at the same time, calculate employees’ wage payments when integrated with a payroll, HR management or ERP software.


Whether you are looking for a biometric time and attendance system, computerised time recording solution for flexible time workers the we have the answer.

Whatever system you are looking for, we will provide you with impartial and professional advice on the right product for your organisation.

Our time attendance systems are also beneficial to all commercial entities such as real estate, security, construction, and retail. The same merits also apply to other sectors where it is a common practice to use the working hours of employees as a basis, whenever the employers compute payments.

With the use of time attendance systems, companies can track closely the time spent by their employees; for example, they can see when the employees have clocked in or out, and the actual amount of time they spent in the organisation.

Benefits of efficient time attendance system

Can provide precise tracking of time

Can prevent errors in payrolls

Can increase overall productivity

Saves costs

Can improve the discipline of the office staff

Implements or formulates the attendance policies of the company

Increases flexibility and scalability

Enhances teamwork among staff