Netsol brings to the table over years of combined network infrastructure experience. Our portfolio of world-class solutions can provide the robust, secure connectivity you need, whether you are dealing with a single office or multiple locations.

Netsol Wired Solutions include:

Local Area Networks (LAN)

Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Broadband over Powerline (BPL)

Netsol Wireless solutions include:

Point-to-Multipoint (PTMP) Networks

Point-to-Point (PTP) Links

Wireless LAN (WLAN)

Wireless Hotspots

PTMP Link Engineering, PTP Link Engineering & PTP Path Calculations

After 3 easy steps, Netsol Ghana Limited will take care of everything from path design to submitting your application to the NCA for your microwave projects. Netsol makes calculating link paths easy. We'll help you think through the best options before deployment.

Site Survey

Need help assessing the "lay of the land" as you expand your network coverage area? Whether remotely or in person, Netsol Support Team can provide the necessary assistance.

Tower Erection & Tower Propagation Study

Netsol has the resources to get your tower(s) assembled and erected according to specs in a timely manner. Stop searching and let Netsol get the job done for you! Get a more detailed look at your potential broadcasting area with a Netsol tower propagation study. Proactively troubleshoot potential challenges within your planned coverage area.

Radio Configuration

Save time and potential frustration by allowing Netsol to preconfigure your equipment before it is shipped and installed. Take the headache out of the equation and enjoy quick and easy deployment.

Telemetry monitoring is often thought to be too expensive and complex for many applications. However, wireless telemetry wherever you are, wherever your equipment is, using the latest radio, GPRS, and GSM data logger telemetry technology is now possible. Their 4 possible telemetry systems using the right network infrastructure and or GSM/GPRS telemetry units.

Netsol wireless automation solutions are designed to make managing hardware and data collection easy. By allowing employees the ability to turn various machines on or off, or change the rate of flow through a valve without actually being there saves time and money. Our wireless automation solutions also allow for high-speed data collection from a wide variety of electronic equipment allowing for faster assimilation and number crunching.

Netsol Wireless Telemetry automation products work with RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 as well as Ethernet. By providing products that work across all of these communication protocols and our wireless automation allows most devices to be accessed wirelessly.

Benefits of your get from Netsol Wireless Telemetry Solutions

Provide high quality and information security.

Make more flexible networks at reduced costs.

High Availability link to avoid failures.

Cost-effective solution