The use of CCTV in industrial sites to improve efficiency cannot be overemphasized. Warehouses, mining, production houses etc.  greatly benefit from CCTV video surveillance systems.

Our team of highly skilled professionals will provide an in-depth project evaluation and work within your budget to ensure your security needs are met at your industrial site. Netsol Ghana Limited offers sophisticated security systems to help contain issues like Trespassing, Intrusion, Enforcement of Safety Policy and Thefts among other security problems which are prevalent in the  industrial environment.

Our surveillance systems have countless benefits for your industrial sites, including:

Deter trespassers from attempting to gain access to the facility.

Reduce theft

Remote monitoring of facility from smartphone / tablet device

Remote monitoring of manufacturing lines from smartphone.

Monitoring and protecting employees from threats.

Capture incidents which might hinder operations.

Deter trespassers and unauthorized persons from entering restricted areas.

Help to monitor and ensure employees do not break safety protocols.

Ability to detect multiple incidents from long-range and short-range.


Increased theft of raw materials at warehouses, machines and manufacturing lines being left unattended to, have become a menace that can be curbed by the use of CCTV surveillance systems. 

Our services include site evaluation, systems design, implementation and configuration, integration with other systems, demo camera testing and complete support solution for optimize benefit.