Access control systems are a must have for healthcare facilities, seeing as they handle and store numerous patient records on a daily basis, data security is highly beneficial and keeps patients’ minds at ease.

Securing sensitive areas such as emergency wards, surgical theater, maternity wards, and protecting assets are major concerns for healthcare facilities. Keeping patients, staff and visitors safe while maintaining a health care environment that is conducive and comfortable to healing requires a delicate balance between freedom and security. Medical Supplies and prescription medications are also high value items which are target for theft.

Psychiatric care facilities also need to increase security to better secure and protect patients who may tend to wander off the premises.

Due to the fact that hospitals and healthcare facilities are home to sick patients, they can be a breeding ground for germs, it is important to limit ‘Touch points’ as much as possible. Netsol Ghana’s innovative access control systems can implement “No touch access” through various entry ways throughout the facility. This reduces or totally avoids the spread of germs.

Storage rooms or laboratory with sensitive patients’ data/ records or hospital samples can also be secured with a Face Recognition Authentication requirement to gain entry.

Swipe cards can be issued by Netsol Ghana Limited, to health care facility staff, with their access credentials programmed into it. They can use this card to access various doors throughout the facility.